We miss you Frankie

Frankie Harrison-December 25, 1943 – April 29, 2012

It is unimaginable thinking of Gold Hill without Frankie Harrison, the Gold Miner’s Daughter. Frankie was as proud of her Elvis poodle skirt the day this pic was taken as she was of riding in Elvis’ pink Cadillac. Her kindness and selfless spirit will be greatly missed. She was as beautiful as the floral arrangements she created. Requiescat in pace, sweet Frankie…(this comment by Sandy Hickman on Facebook but the feeling is shared by all who knew Frankie)

4 Replies to “We miss you Frankie”

  1. Gold Hill is one of my favorite places. One of the reasons I love Gold Hill is Frankie. She was so friendly and always made you feel at home. I will miss her a lot. She was the spirit of Gold Hill.

  2. We will sadly miss you Frankie. We never missed coming in to talk with you at The Gold Miner’s Daughter, your smile will always be remembered and missed. Your spirit will be with us all as we walk through out the Village,www Paul and Evelyn B

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