Photo Guidelines

Professional Photographer Guidelines

       The village of Gold Hill is a picturesque location, and we are glad you are here to visit.   We ask you to remember that the village has both businesses and private homes.  We offer these guidelines:

  • Check for posted guidelines at each business.  All are privately owned, and the degree to which photos are allowed varies at individual locations.  If nothing is posted, there are no limitations at that particular site.
  • Please do not move or alter any furniture or fixtures, inside or outside the shops or café.
  • Please look for and respect “Private Property” or “Private Home” signs on property.  Also, you may refer to large signage maps throughout the village for “Private Residence” designations.
  • Do not cut flowers or foliage in the village.  We work hard to create a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy.
  • Please take with you any “prop” you bring to enhance your photos.
  • The public restrooms at the Arbor should not be used as changing or dressing rooms for photography sessions.
  • If you are interested in renting the Arbor for up to 5 hours for multiple photo shoots, the charge is $50 payable to the Gold Hill Preservation Society.   A rental agreement must be signed and deposit of $35 is required.   Contact Sandy Hickman at 704 209-3318 for details.
  • Photographers who use the village on a regular basis for photo shoots are encouraged to support the Gold Hill Merchants Association.  Annual fee is $40 and helps to keep public restrooms open and the village looking pretty for photos.

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